Inspired: Industrial bedroom

I've just seen this posted in Vosgesparis and I could not but re-blogged it: it's just the perfect inspiration for one of our "home urgent tasks": restore the "maybe" Tolix chairs we found at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. D. and me have been wonder what colour would have suited them better since we bought them. They still have traces of the original galvanised green painting but it is in such bad condition and I am not sure I'd like to have a green chair in my house because, at the moment, my colour scheme is white-black-white-wood-grey: very Mediterranean, isn't it? : )
So it was between white and black (with a hint of grey in each case) until I started to wonder about approaching them according to the restoration principle of allowing only the structure to be visible by taking away the layers of  . A very architectural definition of a simpler "take away dust and dirt" and those bits of galvanised painting that ruins it. I'm sure D. will find these i pictures so inspiring he will agree with me. Or, at least, I hope so. : )

Here are our beloved chairs.

Picture via my Instagram

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