PLACES | Joanna Laajisto's Tiger Sushi, Finland

Honestly, I have no idea how I got to Joanna Laajisto's web site, probably via a series of pin-pin-pin in Pinterest. The point is that the pictures below took my breath away: it was like to enter the restaurant of my dreams ... ... ...

Black Unfold pendant lamps by Muuto hang from the ceiling; there's lot of plywood in the background, giving a warm, essential atmosphere. A "do-it-yourself" style table is sorrounded by what look like Frosta stools. Simple and effective. And it's a a sushi bar!: )

The working area is so perfect I could move there and live in a tent! ... I cannot believe it: they serve tea in Marimekko tea pots! It MUST be so delicious. And the coffee machine looks so professional ... And it's then when I realize that they serve Illy coffee at Tiger Sushi, Finland: you must know I'm Italian and a coffeeholic. And like any "Italian of Respect", I could write a bible about the perfect coffee. And that's my super favourite brand. : )

Those look like black Tolix stools ... ...  My mouth is widely open.

Another spot from the bar and its beautiful filled shelves. It's so perfect ... so perfect ...

I just stare at the screen ... I cannot believe it ... This place is for real ... Some people are so lucky they can have sushi there ... Of course, where could it be but in Finland?
The design is by Interior Architect Joanna Laajisto: I've fallen in love with her work so I will post more of her inspiring projects soon. 

Please, forgive me if my description sounds quite unprofessional and very melodramatic but very well designed spaces really move something inside me. At the end, I'm an architect, and an Italian one! x

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  2. I'm happy you enjoyed the post. It's such a cool place, isn't it?!