Object obsession: String System

Sometimes, very talented designers are able to come out with something that has more than "just" a great appearance or functionality or even the two things together. They come up with something that is able to last fashions and time. They come up with something that can touch your soul and be a companion through the stage of your own life. Those are the Masters and Swedish architect Nils Strinning is one of them. 
To me, as a Scandinavian design addict, he is even more, being one of the leading mid-twentieth century designers who built the foundation of what we now call ”Scandinavian design”. He designed String in 1949 and it became an instant success: its secret is probably its versatility: Strinning designed a shelf that could take on many different looks and, through painstaking attention to detail, he created a system where each piece could be combined with the others in almost endless permutations. It doesn't belong to one particular space in the house, that means you can build it through time and change its location as many times as you wish (or your wall can sustain!). And, last but not least, it doesn't cost a fortune.

String System has been in my wish list since I cannot even remember when: the hardest part was to choose the shelves colour. I love the white+white combination but I felt wood would age better. Here are some pictures from String last styling by super talented Lotta Agaton and I believe I have found my most favourite version! It mantains the lightness of clear colours together with the warmth of wood.

Via String.se

More about Lotta Agaton's work here  and here.

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