Lisa Pappelina and me

It took me much more time than I expected but finally I managed to write this post that is very special to me for many reasons. First of all, I want to thank Niki of My Scandinavian Home and Robin from the Scandinavian Design Center  for choosing me for the competition they run on Niki's blog last October: they were so kind to still be willing to give me the prize after so many months... Lot of things happened back then, most of which were very sad for my family and me. But Niki was very sweet and caring when I explained her the reasons why I was so late and I feel it is important to recognize it. Then, the prize managed to bring a bit of light and warmth to a moment that was quite dark. So, thanks Niki! : )

The competition prize was this beautiful Lisa rug from Swedish brand Pappelina: a piece that has been in my wish list for so long I cannot even remember. It took quite a long time to be eventually together, Lisa and me, but thanks to a bit of patience and a lot of help from Robin and the Scandinavian Design Center, we managed! 

I'm so happy!

Lisa has been moving a lot around the house and D. and I tried to find the best spot. I think we got it right at the end. What do you think: does it suit our bedroom style?

With many thanks to My Scandinavian Home and Scandinavian Design Center.


  1. un premio totalmente merecido
    preciosas fotos

  2. el pavimento es microcemento??

    1. Muchas gracias Pi! :)

      Si el pavimento es de microcemento? En un mundo ideal! Pero no y, ademas, no te creerás nunca lo que es en realidad: son paneles de corcho pintados! Me costó 4 días y mucho dolor de espalda pero lo logré.

      De momento, vivimos en alquiler en un edificio de los años '20 con suelo hidraulico hecho bastante polvo, y creo que lo de la habitación donde dormimos estaba aun peor y decidieron cubrirlo con corcho para ahorrar.. Ademas, digamos que no habían hecho un trabajo muy bueno en el finishing (falta mas de medio cm entre suelo y pared en algunos puntos) y los paneles estaban muy arruinados por el uso. Asì que decidimos verla como una oportunidad y pintar todo de blanco!


    2. ahhh pues da el pego !!
      es que busco opiniones
      para que me animen
      a colocarlo en un local ;)