Barcelona Design Week 2013

The Barcelona Design Week 2013 officialyy starts today! From the 11th to the 21st of June, designers, companies and organzations from any sector related to creativity will meet here to exchange of knowledge, business opportunities and networking. theme of this year will be Design Vision 2050 so get ready to think out of the box and put on paper your craziest ideas: at the end, this is a great brainstorming workshop! Special guest will be The Netherlands and here just a few of the presentation/exhibition you will enjoy during the event.


  1. qué pena no estar por barna ...
    muy chulo el collage, me gusta

    1. Estoy tan liada estas semanas que espero encontrar el tiempo de ver algo! Seguro si algo interesante sale, lo podrás ver en Instagram. :)


  2. me encantan esas lámparas!