Sign Magazine

I have been hiding a couple of secrets from you lately but today I am finally able to share my happiness with you. A few months ago my IG friends mo_a and holmberg__ contacted me asking if they could use some of my Instagram pictures for the next issue of SIGN magazine. I almost fell off the chair reading their mail for the heavenly shock I suffered. It took me like one second and a half to say yes, obviously. I didn't ask any questions about what pictures they would have chosen etc because I trusted them completely: it was love at first sight with both of them, first in Pinterest and then in Instagram. Their aesthetics is clean, essential, sometimes very industrial and other times profoundly domestic. Always with such a delicate poetry -  and it not an easy task to get out poetry from an industrial bridge, trust me. I'm honoured and proud to be featured in SIGN. To you, my friends, THANX SO MUCH. AGAIN!

Here it is a sneak peek of some of my favourite images from SIGN and you can view the whole publication underneath.  To know more about my Instagram account, look for vidabarceloni there or follow the link here.


  1. Oh yes, that's great!!
    Today I asked Mo if I could use her picture on instagram to show my followers her 2nd. issue of SIGN. And I wanted to write a blogpost too:)
    I love this style, I love many styles but your words are correct. Clean, essential and industrial. Love it.
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog, I see some of my followers are now following your blog as well! Your style is great. Have a good weekend.
    And congrats with your feature in SIGN. Well deserved. X

  2. Felicidades! Unas imágenes preciosas para una revista con un diseño 10.

  3. fabulous! its absolutely fantastic and one of my main inspirations right now, great job, shared on my blog...