Caisa K: Finnish interiors

Welcome to Caisa Klemets, Finland, where talented Camilla lives with her sweet family. Caisa K was one of the first blogs I started to follow: how could I resist to a world in black and white with a delicate industrial touch? I simply couldn't, so here we are. The whole house is based on the basic colour palette but the use of textures (fabric, wood and even metal) gives the place a lovely domestic touch. But it is  the gorgeous kitchen the core of my passion: the number of details I'd love to borrow and use in my own home is just endless.  I leave you here with some great images she kindly allowed me to post. 

Photo courtesy from Caisa K


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    1. Thank you Martine!

      Hope you are having a lovely day. :)

      Elena x

      PS: I added your blog to the Thanks to section: sorry to do it so late! x

  2. Súper linda y el remo colgado me ha encantado.

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    1. Hola Noe!

      El remo es el columpio? Mi castellano todavía no ha llegado al proficiency!:)

      Pero eso me encanta!

      Elena x

  3. amazing kitchen, I love all the details and the black and white