Favourite wood design objects

Today is our last tranquil summer week-end before the craziness of our summer holidays and autumn days starts. Having both our families far away - and missing them so much - is equal to long journeys for D. and me. We'll start with a work trip to Madrid (his hometown): 600 km by car under the hot Spanish sun. A few days there and then down to Gredos for river baths and Spanish family reunions. Then, back to Barcelona for a pit-stop just to get the luggage ready for our flight to Venice for barbecues, hopefully Biennale visit and Italian family meetings. Finally, D. has just entered a 2 years master course that will start at mid September (very proud of him!). 

I could get stressed but Sixto Rodriguez is playing and you cannot get stressed with him at all.        

Happy Saturday to you all!

| 1 | Normann Copenhagen | Drop it
| 2 | Wooden armchair
| 3 | Muuto grinder


  1. menudas vacaciones,
    envidia total

    1. Créeme, van a ser muy pocas vacaciones: somo los tíos favoritos de 7 sobrinos que tienen entre 3 y 9 años.. y nos ven 3 veces al año... Imagínate!!!! Sin contar los km que haremos: Extramadura-Barcelona-Venecia en 24 horas!!!

      Asì que en Septiembre intentaremos tener "vacaciones de soledad"..a lo mejor Menorca o el Sur de la Francia.. O el Sahara!! ;)

      Elena xx