Breaking news

I was trying to get an update about all the things I lost during these crazy weeks by checking some of my favourite blogs and websites. I clicked on my saved link "Agentbauer/LottaAgaton" and an empty page opened: "Oh my! Something big is going on" I thought. So, I checked my favourite interior stylist's blog and discovered she announced the beginning of a new cycle with a new agency: new portfolio will be launched this week. I'm thrilled! 
But this is not the breaking news, at least to me and to some of you, dearest friends - sorry Lotta! The thing is she is about to lunch a three months pop up webshop! Oh yes. 
Our dreams have finally come true and my finance will get in a very bad taste very soon...


  1. Oh I know what you mean...I'm sooo waiting for that webshop and I'm gonna order everything I like!