fnwg #1st birthday

Today facing north with gracia celebrates its very first birthday. One year ago I decided to open this blog with the idea of finding inspiration about how to decorate our new home: it was supposed to be a collection of things I liked. FNWG became also a blessing and worked as sweet balsam helping me to get through one of the hardest moments of my life by keeping "happily occupied".
Honestly, when I wrote my "On cloud 9" post, I would have never thought I was actually beginning a new adventure that has brought to me lots of happy moments, beautiful people and totally unexpected scenarios. 
I want to say thanks to moa and _holmberg from Sign magazine; Montse from Intsight; Indre, Tim Adani and Llamas Valley for their interview, and Anna Gustafsson of La Maison d'Anna G for being my very first sponsor. A very special thanks goes to my D., who is patient and caring accepting to "share me" with the blog!

I thank you all for being part of this: to know there are so many like-minded people out there makes me feel very "warm" inside.

Later on today I will announce the name of the winner of the Playtype giveaway: stay tuned. 


  1. Happy Birthday FNWG and keep on doing the good job. Yes blogging is an amazing experience and we get so much from it I could hardly believe it possible before starting. And it made us meet (at least virtually) ... next step is to take a coffee together :-) Buon Compleanno Elena . un abbraccio

    1. Dear Ilaria,

      thanks so much! I'm very pleased with all the people I have come to virtually meet and I'm sure we will have a coffee together sooner or later: after all, we are just a few hours apart! :)

      Per il compleanno...dovrai ripetere gli auguri anche domani! :) :):)

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is beautiful! hx

  3. y tanta delicadeza en la red, eso es difícil de encontrar, muchas muchas felicidades

  4. Congratulations!!! I love your blog <3!!!

  5. Por muchos aňos sigas haciëndonos disfrutar. Saludos desde Eslovenia