Gudy Herder

Last week I had the pleasure to be invited by Gudy Herder to ElTornBarcelona, for a potters and ceramicists pop-up shop and exhibition. As the blogger behind Eclectic Trends, Gudy and I had been in contact for a while online until we had the chance to meet at the Kinfolk dinner, organised last month here in Barcelona (post coming soon!). 
I love Gudy's work: there's a very special sensitivity about the way she presents things on her blog and I could notice it as well in her  ceramics. The collection Gudy showed was of a selection of paper porcelain pieces:  sculptural, almost architectonic objects as light as a feather. I loved their delicacy, the irregularity of the edges and shapes, due to the special process she used. Very fascinating.  She also gave me a tour of the workshop  and of the fellow potters' and ceramists' work, like Corrie Bain's and Sophie Aguilera's.

If you are in Barcelona for the upcoming holidays, go to have a look and you won't be disappointed: they are exposing and selling during December and first week of January. More info here. But, if you are not, do not worry and stay tuned on her blog as she is about to open a webshop soon. 

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful Elena. Love the styling of the first one. Gudy's ceramics are gorgeous and I hope I'll have the chance to see them in real life at some point! un abbraccio xxi.