ICELAND | the colours of nature

I wanted to share with you the pictures of our trip to Iceland for a such a long time but it took me a lot to get the post done. So, as 2013 is about to come to an end, I thought it'd be a perfect occasion to show you some images now.  As you may recall if you follow me on IG, we flew to Iceland in a last minute trip last September: we spent few days driving along the Southern Coast and Western Peninsula of Iceland, with two days reserved for Reykjavik. 

I have to say this small country left us speechless: I never felt the force of nature so strong like here.Today's post is about nature, a bit unexpected on fnwg maybe but it's still one f my main sources of inspiration. The colours of the land, the black shores, the beautiful shades of blue greys of water and ice left such a great impression on me. The scenery was vast and sometime terrifyingly sublime like the Myrdalssandur sand desert close to Vik. 
In the next days, I will also share the picture from Rejkjavik so stay tuned.

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