ICELAND | Reykjavik Kex Hostel

As you may have seen in the previous posts dedicated to our trip to Iceland, we had an amazing time. This is the last post and it's entirely dedicated to one of Reykjavik coolest place: Kex Hostel.  Housed in an old factory close to the sea, the place has a unique vintage industrial atmosphere. Furnished with pieces and objects coming from many places, it's the perfect spot where to have breakfast or brunch (food is delicious and, of course, you can stay overnight as well). The place, a former biscuit factory (kex is the word for biscuit in Iceland) is a real success and has fast grown into a favourite  meeting point for international travellers and locals that come here after work. 
If you go to Reykjavik, you cannot miss this place.

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  1. It looks amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing Elena and have a great new week! hugs x