Irina Graewe

The Monday Crush will arrive soon, no worries, but I just spotted these beautiful pictures by Irina Graewe and I couldn't help sharing them. Irina is an interior editor and stylist living in Hamburg. After her degree at the London College of Fashion - and a background as taylor at Jil Sander - she moved towards interiors and design, first as assistant to the Creative Director at Architektur&Wohnen and, after four years, as freelance interior stylist. 
Her work has a strong narrative appeal: she is not just styling the elements, she is telling us a story with them. To me, this imaginative approach is extremely interesting because it involves the observer by capturing his imagination: we are almost forced into completing the story and, in this way, we get involved and create a bond with the objects. I have seen this imaginative approach used by fashion designers at the beginning of the creation of a new collection and I find extremely interesting. 

In the end, aren't designers storytellers of the matter?

Via Lotta Agaton, with thanks.

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