PLACES | Bulthaup showroom

This raw, essential space was designed by for the new showroom of the German kitchen company bulthaup in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company was founded in 1949 by Martin Bulthaup in Bodenkirchen. After his death, his son Gerd became the head of the company and gave the bulthaup's design philosophy its ultimate direction, thanks also to the contact with the designer  Otl Aicher, founder of the Ulm School of Design known for its favour for simplified forms and functionality.

The space, that resembles an industrial loft, was divided into three different sections: on one side is the design area, opened to the public so that the visitors can see the designers at work; the other is the showroom itself and, finally, the kitchen islands dedicated to the kitchen courses in situ. One of the most interesting elements is the internal façade, constructed entirely from doors taken from the containers used to transport the kitchens for display.
The output is an architecture that is able to dialogue with both the iconic design principles of bulthaup as well as with the process that brings their products to life.

Photographer Amit Geron


  1. Esta marca de cocina siempre ha sido de mis preferidas, su diseño, la calidad de sus materiales y luego ya si vemos su showroom, locura suprema.

  2. Really beautiful, this industrial space. The black glass doors and metal are amazing.