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When Leslie Pennington moved to Stockholm, she was immediately caught by the Scandinavian lifestyle and, like many of us, by the IKEA possibilities. But she would have never thought that IKEA would have been the starting point for her successful company. 

Bemz is an acronym of her four children's names because it was during her maternity leave she came up with the simple yet intelligent concept. Everybody - willing or not - shops at Ikea for its very affordable yet stylish products. Also, none of us like the "serial effect" we can come up with: homes from opposite corners of the world can look too much alike, making personalization very difficult. 
Bemz is the solution to this globalization effect. With 180 different fabric designs, that include classic and contemporary patterns, we can make over our IKEA sofa, armchair or cushion and create a home that is a perfect reflection of ourselves. 

During our staying in Stockholm for the Design Bloggers Tour, we spent some lovely hours at the Bemz store, surrounded by beautiful fabrics and inspirations. My favourite corner was the sample desk where you could pick your favourite fabrics and see how they combine together.  I really enjoyed mixing all the black and white samples, especially the Marimekko ones! The sample area was also where we drew the inspiration for the Cushion Competition we had at Bemz (see picture 5-8 above and here) where we were so lucky to meet Leslie herself and also the lovely girls that work at Bemz.

We really need to change our sofa and I feel so inspired now (aren't the all white pictures beautiful?). Is there anything you would like to give a new life yourself?

Images 1-4 courtesy of Bemz
Images 5-8 courtesy of Riika Kantinkoski / Weekday Carnival

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  1. The sample desk … I remember spending long moments picking all my favorite fabrics. Bemz is a genius idea, as well as all the other hacker-ikea solutions that raised in the market. It must have been great fun to be there all together :-)