Green styling with Intsight

I am very happy to present you today some pictures from the latest project of Intsight. The photos were taken for the TiempoBBDO / Simon. As you know, I especially love their work but this time it is very special to me as I collaborated for the green styling. It was an amazing experience to see the team working together and I have to say the atmosphere was extremely fascinating. It requires a great dose of professional experience and creativity to produce an overall image that is able to captivate the viewer without diverting the attention from the product. This is especially true when the element to present has such a reduced size.  Intsight's decision to create a series of "real life" situations to present the catalogue made the trick; also, it added that necessary setting that could inspire the public and engage them with TiempoBBDO / Simon.
It was a real pleasure - and great experience - working with Intsight.

For more pictures, check here.

All photographs by Mireia Rodriguez / My Umbrella Studio, with thanks.