STOCKHOLM | Rosendals Trädgård

Saturdays are made for long sweet hours spent with friends and having fun, aren't they? 

For this reason, I decided to dedicate it only to family and beloved ones. But this post is special for two reasons: it is a way  a way to thank the Urban Jungle Bloggers to have me in the group and the first I publish about part of my main professional duty. I hope you enjoy the little divagation. 

Today we head to Djurgården, the garden island located on the East side of Stockholm, to visit the beautiful Rosendals Trädgård. Infact, part of my work as a RD manager consists of visiting from time to time special plant nurseries and garden shops. As a landscape architect and someone that has literally grown among plants, visiting this kind of places is quite natural: I usually start with the "get the atmosphere" tour, pass to the "professional eye" one and move eventually to "let's have fun" (with a slice of cake and coffee when possible). I have visited garden shops mainly in Italy, France and in the UK, so I was very excited to have a chance to spend a few hours in Rosendals while in Stockholm.

As I was in Stockholm just after the Design Week, the place was not at its greenest moment. Still it was no disappointment, especially because I had the great privilege to enjoy it all by myself as it was closed for some small renovations that day. They obviously sneaked me in - who can resist me? lol - and let me wonder in the little antique glasshouses. It is hard to explain the feeling that always invades me through the scent created by the mixture of the soft ground, the plants and the high humidity. To me it is the fragrance of Life.
Rosendals plants and object selection is very interesting and their colour palette has my complete approval. I know some of you will feel the urge to ask if even the gardens I design are completely white: I confess they are not. However, I always remind my client not to forget white is the last colour disappearing when the night comes and the only one capable to reflect the shy moonlight, therefore it should be highly used in the garden.

I strongly recommend my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers to spend a few hours here whenever they have a chance to visit Stockholm. 

This post is part of the STOCKHOLM SERIES.


Pictures facing north with gracia


  1. You are a sweetheart, Elena! It's us who are thankful for your participation in our little green Urban Jungle Bloggers family! May it grow and thrive! And I love this place you shared - this is bookmarked for my next Stockholm visit! Have a fab new week!

  2. Thank you so much Elena! Who can resist you :D For a second I thought you visited the Slottsträdgården in Malmö, because they also have such a nice outdoor terrace with greenhouses etc. I love how this looks so understated, natural and easy going. Not like those ugly gardening centers with plastic & publicity everywhere. And thanks for your tip about white in gardens. It comes in handy as we need to do something with our garden (with is mainly a bumpy terrain with grass & weed :D ). Merci beaucoup <3