FOCUS ON | Archetypes

‘House for mother’ is a building designed by Swedish office Förstberg Arkitektur och Formgivning (FAF). The house is very impressive: a simple but not simplistic plan and a very  neutral material palette. I am very fond of this kind of architectures that draw back to the basic shape of houses, similar to those we used to draw as kids. I find there is something archetypal in this shape, re-assuring in a way. 
The house is like a manifesto for simple living and design: there is no space for unnecessary  things, only intelligent design solutions. An example is the use of white painting on walls and floors to divide the living room into two parts. Also, the white area brings in more light and I would say play with the sense of perspective: it's a pity we cannot confirm it as there is no picture takes on the other side.

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