SKANDINAVISK | Scent of Scandinavia

Far from being weak and unimportant, the sense of smelling is considered the most powerful one to re-evoke memories, so much that when we associate a certain emotion to a particular smell, just smelling it in the future will make those emotions come alive again. I experience this very often, last time when I received my new candle from Skandinavisk.

Skov (forest in Danish) is part of the Scent of Scandinavia collection and a real treat. I still remember the feeling  of opening the box  in my living room and, suddenly, finding myself lost in the calm of ancient forests in the Polar circle. It is like a free ticket to the deep, comforting embrace of nature.
Skov was one of the three founding scented candles of the collection, which has been recently enriched with the floral scent of a Swedish summer (Sommar), the breezy scent of the archipelagos (Ö), the scent of Scandinavian tranquillity (Ro), the urban bliss of  (København) and the drama of the Norwegian fjords. 

So, are you willing to create some magic and take a trip with me?

Images © facing north with gracia


  1. come al solito splendide foto! Hai un vero talento Elena. E sono perfettamente d'accordo con te per l'effetto degli odori sui ricordi, di colpo si fa un viaggio nel passato (e soprattutto è meno calorico della madeleine di Proust ;-) un abbraccio

    1. Grazie tesoro, sempre troppo gentile. : ) Eh sì, viaggio più economico delle madeleine e di qualsiasi altra opzione mi sa. Finiranno tutte le candele di Skandinavisk con l'aria che tira! ; )

  2. Sounds so good! i will take the next ticket with you, need to smell it. Hug.