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It comes with no surprise Desiree-Vosgesparis' apartment was on of the first ones to catch my attention in the jungle of interior inspiration. We are talking about my pre-blogging era [ yes, there was one ], when the only addiction of mine was surfing Pinterest. I believe Vosgeparis account was of the first I followed back then: I simply loved that Scandinavian-Industrial-Rock-Style and those pictures, always full of energy and passion.

As one of the international homes that are part of the Small Cool 2014 in Apartment Therapy, Desiree shared some simple, clever ideas about how to transform a small home into a spacious loft. I was quite surprised to discover the apartment actually measures "only" 80 sqm because it looked much bigger to me. I guess the trick of taking away doors and door posts as well as laying the same floor around the whole house created that sense of vastness. Also the monochromatic palette and the reduced list of big pieces of furniture helped to create a clear, uncluttered space.

You can discover more about Desiree's tricks in Apartment Therapy and vote Vosgesparis home to keep high the good European interior style!


All images ©Vosgesparis, with thanks.

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