KOTO by Skandinavisk x Design Bloggers United

I am still on holidays but really wanted to share with you the big news about the launch of our scented candle at Formex fair in Stockholm this week! KOTO by Skandinavisk x Design Bloggers United is the result of an exclusive collaboration between our bloggers group and  Skandinavisk, a brand well known for its gorgeous work with fragrances that celebrate the unique Scandinavian lifestyle. You probably remember when I talked abouth them HERE, so you can imagine how exciting it was to work with them to create KOTO

Named after an old Finnish word that means home, the scented candle talks about cosy, intimate spaces where to refresh the soul, refuges from long winters. It embraces the renowned simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian homes with its black and white look and with its soft notes of mandarin, jasmine, vanilla and amber helps our quest for tranquillity and calm atmospheres. To ensure this, KOTO has been created as an extremely long-lasting candle: it is bigger than regular candles as it burns up to 75 hours. Burn the four wicks all together until the melted wax reaches the edges of the glass and let the fragrance embrace you.
The candle will be available in several stores across Europe at the beginning of September but can be pre-ordered already at Skandinavisk.

The KOTO by Skandinavisk x Design Bloggers United collaboration marks also the entrance to our group of talented Susanna Vento, who created the styling you see in this post. 
Welcome Susanna!

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