New York loft

We are in New York, in Manhattan to be precise, and we are in front of what could be the epitome of anyone day dreaming of having a loft in the Big Apple: the place is part of the Tribecca Loft Conversion. The high ceilings recall the previous use of the space and, thanks to the whitnees treatment of the vertical and horizontal surface, add magnificence to this home. Light floods the space completely, coming from the gigantic windows. The loft is quite minimal in the arragements: few selected pieces of furniture are displayed, mostly in dark grey and blue tones. Big beige curtains are used to divided up the loft in different areas. The kitchen is practical, industrial with high sliding doors conceiling the cupboards. The living room is essential, defined only by the volumes of the dark sofas and the big carpet. This place is simply gorgeous. 

Via Solid Frog


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  2. Love the contrast of the white walls to the dark furniture. It really makes them pop out and gives it a simple yet very classy look. The curtains for dividers is also a nice touch, for entertaining big groups or making a room more intimate. Plus, it’s easier to replace if you get tired of the colors. Convenient!

    Ling Mancil

  3. The whiteness of the place, coupled by the flood of lights from the big windows, really gives the whole place a pristine look. While the furniture is minimalist, it is quite understandable due to the space issues of the place. And the simplicity in itself adds a certain charm to it. Another thing I like is the kitchen. I like how you can hide the kitchen utilities and storage when you don’t need it, maintaining that white finish that bounces light all over the place.

    Keaton Oakes

  4. This is awesome contrast used for the walls of the house which is creating a fabulous texture to live in something different. Thanks for sharing these ideas on your blog.

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