My name is Elena and I welcome you here at facing north with gracia, a blog about interiors, design, DIYs and tiny bits of my life. After graduating at the Venice Architecture Faculty in Italy, I moved to Edinburgh for a Master course in Landscape Architecture and met my husband, D.,  fell in love, peregrinated a bit around Europe and finally set here in Barcelona.

My preference lays in simple essential spaces where each selected object can breath and express its soul, becoming a companion that grows old with me. Scandinavian design has been my first encounter with this world and love at first sight: I like its simplicity, honesty and domestic feeling. Then it was Japan and its delicate relationship with the passing of time.

The blog collects my views on the latest design trends, with a preference for interiors and lifestyle. Hope you will enjoy surfing facing north with gracia!


Are you interested in working/doing a collaboration with facing north with gracia? There are many different solutions.

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