Minimal home in grey

Spring is  running late in Barcelona also and I cannot stand the heating any more: it would be normal to spend lots of time on the beach by now but here I am, still wearing my wool jumper by COS that I love but I'd love to exchange it for a t-shirt! 
While waiting for spring to decide to arrive, I show you this apartment in Bruxelles by Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek. The place is quite reduced: a multi-functional space with the kitchen, the dining and the seating area and a minimal bedroom. The combination of wood and light grey tones is beautiful. I love the marble used both in the kitchen elements and the bathroom: there's nothing more special than the veins of Carrara marble to me, each of it with such a long history behind..

Via Piipii


  1. ohhh muchas gracias por etiquetarme,
    aunque tú lo has explicado mucho mejor :)
    a me me encanta la pica exenta de la cocina
    Feliz finde

    1. Hola! A mi encantó tu post! :)

      Espero que estés pasando un buen finde en la Isla Perdida en el Mar! :)

      Elena x

  2. Beautiful home! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Grácias por tu visita, veo que compartimos la afición por el estilo nórdico y en esta ocasión concretamente por este apartamento en Bruselas.
    Nos vemos!

    1. Hola! Gracias por la tuya: he descubierto tu blog atreves de lo de piipii y me encanta.