Intsight and me

It's a perfect day so far. I spent part of the morning in a nice coffee shop talking to Montse Vicens, the charming founder of interior design and branding firm Intsight. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know how much I appreciate Intsight work for their ability to create outstanding, iconic spaces where smart simplicity is a key-element.
Not only I had a good time but it was very interesting to know better the concept behind the firm: Intsight has a free, flexible approach able to adapt to many kinds of projects and clients, offering  "low cost" inspiring solutions to interior (and more) issues, from simple things like "how can I organise my living room" to "we need a new, coherent image for our brand".  We also talked about one of their last projects, Mik Max, a Spanish textile company specialised in home decoration. Intsight developed a new visual identity for the brand and updated their catalogue. For sure you will know more about this last project as Mik Max is about to launch their new web and shop but, until then, here it is a series of images coming from Intsight web.

Interior stylist: Intsight .
Photographer: Mireia Rodríguez.

If you are new to the blog, do not worry: you can check previous posts about Intsight here and here or visit their newly launched web. As for the second part of the day, well, you'll need to wait until tomorrow to see my pictures of &Other Stories  new shop in Barcelona!


  1. Hola Elena, ya sabes que yo sí soy "nueva en el blog" y no conocía Intsight, pero ya he estado recorriendo su página y me ha gustado mucho, así que, ¡gracias por descubrirmela!

    1. Hola Maria!
      La verdad es que aquí el concepto de "nuevo" es un poco, como decir, relativo: hasta yo soy muy nueva en mi proprio blog! ;)
      Estoy contenta que el post te haya ayudado a descubrir Intsight: es uno de mis estudio de interiorismo preferidos, especialmente en el área mediterránea. Ademas tienen una formula muy interesante de desarrollar el proyecto. Continua a seguirnos porque vas a ver mucho de lo que hacen aquí.



      (Como me encanta tu "bss": nunca lo había visto hasta que me lo escribiste tu! Lo que mola de ser "extranjera", imagino!)

  2. oh
    what a beautiful bedroom

    1. I'm very happy you like it and that you stopped by: I love your blog!

      Elena x

  3. Gracias Elena,
    me encanto conocerte, y ver esos ojos con tanta ilusión por todo!
    Te agrademos que hables siempre tan bien de nosotros y esperamos no defraudarte nunca para continuar saliendo en tu precioso y prometedor blog!!!
    Mil besos