Liebester Award

Here it comes a new prize for facing north with gracia! It is the Liebester Award, thanks to my blog friend Maria of marq-gzgz: thanks Maria so much for your mention and the great comments you always leave here. It is a honour you decided to choose me! 

 Like all the awards, this one has got its rules: I have to thank the blogger who gave me the award (THANKS MARIA! AGAIN!), reply a series of questions and name 11 blogs I like with less than 200 followers. 
Please, do not get scared: I won't repeat myself. You can know a bit more about me and facing north with gracia here (hope Maria won't mind). As for the blog mention, I've decided to change a bit the way of doing it: last time, I regretted a bit because the best part was actually to tell you why I chose those blogs. So, I'm going to mention one blog a week and tell you a bit more about it. Then, it would be a good occasion to exchange information: have you got any new blog you think it is worthy the award? Leave a comment and I'll check it! I have to admit the thing I liked most of my last award was to get in touch with other bloggers so, please, feel free to send me any suggestion!

But today it is all about Maria. Here it is a collage of some of my favourite images from her blog, MARQU-GZGZ. Marìa is a Spanish architect from Castilla y León with a great passion for good renovations with a contemporary twist. Enjoy!


  1. MIL GRACIAS Elena por la "presentación en sociedad" que haces de mi blog... ¡estoy muy roja! ;)
    Ha sido un placer concederte el premio porque ya sabes que me encanta tu blog, así que ha sido merecidísimo!!!
    Un besazo.
    Por cierto, me encanta tu idea sobre cómo ir dando conocer a tus premiados, es una forma genial de irles conociendo.

    1. Hola Maria! Estoy feliz que te haya gustado: es una manera de conocernos todos un poco mejor. Al final hacemos blogging también por esto, no?


      Ele x