Orienta là

As you already know, I have the same addiction to lamps that most of women has got for shoes. Today I have a special selection: Orienta Là lamp system by Enrica Mosciaro and Gonzalo Milà of Fusina6 for Viabizzuno. One of my best friends joined Viabizzuno team a few weeks ago so I have a special thing with this brand as you can imagine: I'm very happy for my friend who I believe is much more talented than he himself think. Then, the lamp is a collaboration between an Italian architect and a designer from Barcelona. But, above all, I think the system is very clever: I love flexible objects that can adapt to several need and use and this is the case. The lamp was designed back in 2010 for Hotel Mob5 on the Lake of Garda, Verona. You can find more images here.

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  1. Me gustan todas,
    has visto el post que te dediqué
    espero que te guste mucho :)
    Feliz dia xx