This will be my home ...

...even if it means I have to move to another country (again!). I saw this apartment a few days ago on Emma Fexeus' blog but, as we are renovating a bit our rental flat, I had no time to post them. The house had already be shown in Swedish magazine Plaza Interiör and in Emma's blog before, but its recent sale gives us a chance to see a bit more of it. 
My favourite thing is the kitchen: I wish mine had that professional, industrial style but, at the moment, the only thing we have in common is Le Creuset pot! Already something, isn't it? I'm a positive girl.... I also like the way they solved the dining area: simple, functional but very intelligent.  The concrete floor is the perfect choice for this place, combining perfectly with the building architecture.
One of the details I'm going to "to steal" is the huge mirror in the entrance: ours is located at the end of the hallway so it is a bit too dark but a mirror could reflect a bit of the light coming from our living room windows.

More time I spend looking at this pictures, more things I found I love, like the curtains ...

Photographer: Patric Johansson


  1. Admiro esa fantástica sensación de espacio en esta vivienda, y por lo general en todas las de los paises escandinavos, gracias a la ausencia de pasillos y a las zonas de comedor-cocina-salón con grandes ventanales que las inundan de luz natural.

    1. Como te entiendo!

      Lo que me gusta mas es que todo parece que haya salido de manera "natural", "sin esfuerzo", pero sabemos perfectamente que no es así: este tipo de definición del espacio domestico solo se alcanza con un proyecto detallado y preciso.