Emma Persson Lagerberg

I was in Italy for a few days last week for a lovely family event: the weather was nice though not so warm as it should have been (spring is very shy this year, isn't it?) and we had some very good moments with my siblings and nieces - that I miss a lot, I have to admit. Our flight landed very late last night and I decided to take a few hours off in order to keep up with all my favourite bloggers: you made so many great posts I'm almost sorry I left! Here it is my favourite one from Emma Fexeus' blog: it's about a flat styled by Emma Persson Lagerberg that is now for sale. Lagerberg is a very talented interior stylist whose work was showed in one of my first posts here. You can recognize a  common thread between the two houses, like the combination of white with neutral tones that helps to add a softer atmosphere to the minimal composition. I like the kitchen a lot, especially the effect of the classic Carrara marble slab together with the tech Tolomeo lights by Artemide and the steel furniture. Another great detail is the choice of different hues for the fiberglass Eames chairs. What's yours?


  1. Hola Elena, qué envidia tu viaje a Italia, me alegro de que lo hayas disfrutado!
    La vivienda que has elegido... una pasada, a mí también me parece impresionante el frente de la cocina en mármol, y queda genial con ese toque de las Tolomeo!

  2. Qué envidia Italia
    Me ha encantado esta casa, me va a servir mucho para una reforma
    es una vivienda sin alardes de ''arquitectura'' es tan sencilla y elegante

  3. Preciosa la cocina-comedor y los espacios conectados por esas grandes aberturas sin puertas.
    La sensación de amplitud es fantástica.