Lua Nord

A couple of weeks ago the blog was awarded its second prize, the Liebester award. According to its rules I had to mention other 11 blogs but I decided to go for another kind of presentation: starting form today, each Saturday I'll present one of my 11 favourite blogs and talk a bIt more about them. Sometime ago it was quite common for bloggers to recommend great blogs they had discovered but it looks this is not on fashion anymore. A pity, in my opinion, because it's a nice way to know other people and create a net, part of what blogging should be. 

The first blog I want to award with the Liebester prize is called Lua Nord. Since I discovered Maria blog, I fell in love: originally from Valencia, this 25 year-old girl is now living in Denmark from where she actually writes. A professional dreamer - as she defines herself - Marìa fell in love with Scandinavian design as soon as she moved to Denmark and it is this passion that she talks about in Lua Nord. She tends to prefer white, neutral interiors but it's not hard to find splashes of colours here and there in the best Spanish tradition. I hope you will enjoy as much I do!

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  1. Wao!!!!! Muchisimas gracias!! Thank you very much!!!

  2. Wauw.... thanks for sharing!
    Liefs. Sonia

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog, totally agree with you!

  4. beautiful depiction with nice colours thanks for update.
    Flat share

  5. I'm very happy you liked the choice: Maria is very talented and we will see very nice things coming soon!