Yesterday I checked Emmas Designblogg, my favourite one as you already know, and I found these beautiful images from Italian design company Kristalia. The way they decorate the flat used for their last catalogue is what I love more: airy space, essential furniture (in number and design), and lots of plants. The colours are basics: black and grey wood or concrete, a hint of black and green, lots of different greens. My favourite picture is the third one: the long, thin table almost disappears living the scene to the chairs whose background is a breathtaking temperate jungle.

Via Emmas Designblogg


  1. Beautiful! I'm following you know thanks to Martine's blog! Have a great week!

  2. It is funny! We follow each other in Pinterest but I have just gone to your blog thanks to your message. I have to do better networking.. :)

    Martine was lovely to make a post in her blog: we met in IG and I love her style!

    Elena x

    PS: I'm following you everywhere I can now! haha x