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As promised last week, today's post is all about the time we spent in Iceland's beautiful capital, Reykjavik. We had just a day and half split in two moments to spend here but we had a great time.

The first day in Iceland was almost entirely dedicated to swimming and relaxing in the Blue Lagoon: the best way to start a de-stressing trip to me as nothing like hot baths and mud can do the job. We arrived in Reykjavik on Saturday late afternoon, in time for a nice walk along Laugavegur to check some shops on my list and to get ready for our dinner at The Fishmarket. This place is simply stunning with a real collection of Tom Dixon's works (the entrance is defined by a group of his famous Copper Shades and pieces of the Beat Light series are placed over the tables..paradise!). D. stayed here for a business dinner while we still were living in Edinburgh but could not remember the name. Happily, someone very kind and always well informed replied to my request for tips in FB, so thanks Emma: we had the best fish of our lives, seriously. I highly recommend the place and the tasting menu that is a real masterpiece.

Emma also recommended to visit Spark Design center,  store and gallery where we could see some amazing pieces and the work of a young artist. As you can imagine, I visited all the design shops in the city center, included  Suomi PRKL! Design, a small red house dedicated entirely to Finnish brands.

The cherry on the top - as we say in Italy :) - was the lovely place we stayed. We used to find a b&b for the first night and we stumbled upon Sari's flat. I immediately loved it and we arranged to stay there for both the nights. Sari's home had such a special atmosphere, very Nordic and warm. I fell in love with the small courtyard at the back decorated with string lights, the old brick wall in her living room and the cute bedroom we stayed in. Design pieces where everywhere and I still remember D.'s face staring at me when, almost jumping, I told him she had one of Susanna Vento's sacks in the bathroom... Unfortunately, we didn't manage to meet Sari during our stay but she was always so helpful and caring and it was fun to discover she works at the beautiful Iceland Design Center.

There's still something left from Reykjavik: a tour of the famous Kex Hostel. But you'll have to wait untill next week for the special post!

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