FOCUS ON | Round tables

We've been thinking of changing the dining table for a while: the one we have now was perfect in the previous flat and works quite fine in this one. But, due to the dimensions of the space, we have to place it right in front of the window door and therefore we have no access to the balcony from here. ... It could sound as an excuse as we have access to both the next rooms, but I do feel a round table would look perfect next to the Parentesi lamp by Flos and would enrich the decoration. 

I collected some images for inspiration, including the everlasting classic Saarinen's Tulip  and its easy-going counterpart by Ikea. But, I think a smaller version of  the one designed by Int-sight for Iconista would be the perfect choice. I had the chance to see and touch it when I was there during the photo shooting we did (I know, still cannot believe it..) and I loved it, especially the texture: the effect of the light on the top would underlined it even more. Could I have eventually come up with the solution? To be continued...


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  1. Hola Elena, muchas felicidades por el Blog, lo acabo de conocer hoy! a ver si hablamos un día de estos! Besos