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I'm back from Stockholm and have now some time to share with you part of the beautiful things we saw during our Design Bloggers Tour. It was an amazing experience in toto: the Swedish capital is so vibrant and, surely, we had the chance of visiting during one of the best moments because of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and the Design Week.

One of the things I loved most was we could actually meet the "minds" behind some of the companies I heart and, luckily, the designers behind some of my favourite objects. This was the case during our visit at Asplund, one of the most fascinating interior stores in town. Here, before relaxing with a delicious Turkish dinner, we were given a tour by two of the studios that collaborate with them.
Having a piece explained by the very voice of its creator is something extremely interesting for many reasons: the designer guides you through his/her intellectual journey; explains how the primeval idea interacts with the production of the object and how this can sometime change the final output. Also, we could understand why that specific combination of materials was chosen and, something "outsiders" always forget, the fundamental exchange and interaction with the commissioner.

Johan Ridderstråle of the award-winning studio Broberg&Ridderstråle talked to us about the products they developed with Asplund, such as the Luc storage system and their rugs for the Capture by Nature collection, as well as about the Tati series. One of my favourites, Tati combines the elegant simplicity - in the core of Asplund selection - with the possibility of personalizing the object in many ways through the different materials and frame finishings. Infact, the frames are made of lacquered metal and the tabletops are available in wood, leather, metal, Carrara marble or slate. This series consists of a nest of tables — coffee table, side table and vanity table — all of which slide together beautifully. There is also a clothes hanger - perfect as a display in a store or for the intimate selection of our favourite items at home. A big table has been added recently and new products could be added in the next future. Broberg&Ridderstråle's work is very recognizable for the rational approach and the witty twist they always give to their designs (Leaf Lamp for Muuto is an example of this). Nevertheless, their production is characterized by great elegance and a particular emotional patina.

It was a beautiful experience to be surrounded by a quintessence of Scandinavian beauty and a striking selection of international pieces, like Issei Miyake Mendori lamp for Artemide, Martin Margiela's objects, Pallucco Mini in white, just to name some. Asplund is surely a must-visit for anyone planning to visit Stockholm.

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  1. I discovered the shop last year in Stockholm during the MTB weekend and they have been one of my favorite brands since then. So happy for you and the good times you had during your stay, Elena. Speak soon! xx