Here it is the second part of the Stockholm Series! So let's take a walk in Södermalm, from Götgatan into the heart of SoFo in Stockholm. As you may remember from what I wrote last week, the district is packed with cool shops and places and you can breath creativity everywhere. My first stop was at the local Hope store, the Swedish clothing brand: the place was visually stunning. I liked the industrial touch of the structures combined with the white tiled walls and the pieces of art used to reinforce the colour scheme of this year collection.

Second stop was Granit where I actually stopped more than once during my short staying after the Blogger Tour, and I never left "alone". hat can I say about this place? I just love it. It was so hard to not buy all the items, like the new light strings (I wish I would have bought the white ones, silly me). The staff was very friendly so I dare to ask if they plan to open internationally delivery soon because I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to it. I have  sweet and bitter news: they will open it to the all the Northern countries this year but nothing is planned before next year fro the rest of us. That means, we will have to go to visit Stockholm to get something: bitter-sweet, isn't it?

As I said, the area has a great number of creative offices and I loved to walk around taking pictures of unexpected scenarios like the one down. And I almost rang the bell when I saw the Skull poster in the window shop in the other one.

One of the places I really wanted to visit in SoFo was Dusty Deco, a shop specialized in industrial pieces with patina and great classics they collect during their travel. Unfortunately it was closed. So I walked to visit GrandPa, a store next door to the cafè and Fabrique bakery I showed last week. Grandpa was founded in 2003 with the idea of offering a different sort of shopping  that could merge interesting products with their special atmosphere. selection Since the founding of Grandpa in 2003 we have offered a different type of shopping. We have always had service, atmosphere and inspiration as our top priority. We often decline strong brands that we don’t feel are up to our standards from a quality, environmental or image perspective. For us, the brands are never more important than the product itself.  Their famous Cyclisten poster can be found here.
The second part stops here but there are two special issues coming soon and one is dedicated entirely to my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers

Pictures facing north with gracia

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