Archetypes II

Villa Wallin is located in Yxlan, in the northern Stockholm archipelago. Designed by studio Erik Andersson Architects, the house represents another archetypal domestic structure, this time also developed strictly according to the proportional ratio of 1:3: the houseis a parallelepiped that measures six meters in depth, eighteen meters in length and six meters in height. In contrast with the black exterior painted with Falu Rödfärg– a traditional Swedish paint that can be traced right back to the 16th century - the central space is completely white and is dedicated to the daily activities areas (kitchen, dining and living room). Thanks to a series of square façade windows located on both sides of the living room, the space has opens towards the surroundings, practically untouched. A wooden terrace runs along the whole perimeter of the villa and provides the owners with extra space to enjoy the natural environment.

Via Archdaily

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