BARCELONA | Palo Alto for the Design Market

Last weekend took place the first Barcelona Mercado Condal del Diseño, an event where to young designers can present their work to the wide public. The location is one of the greenest in Barcelona, the Palo Alto foundation in Poblenou, a cultural landmark in the city for being, on one side, a real jewel of industrial archaeology (the long factory chimney gives actually name to the complex) and, on the other, an attraction spot for creatives, such as Mariscal the designer of the 1992 Olympic games logo (Cobi).

The industrial warehouses and factories (naves) are perfectly conserved and nowadays covered in a dense green canopy of Parthenocissus. For sure, the extremely favourable climate of Barcelona helped a lot in the creation of this urban jungle and its gardens, where people working in the companies located in Palo Alto can have their lunch. I believe this is one of the greenest spots in the city and the special character of the area just makes you want to pack your stuff and move in.

This unique mix of rough industrial and jungle was the perfect location for the first Mercado Condal del Diseño and a great background for these young talents to showcase their works. I was very impressed by the quality of some of the products, so much some came home with me! 

But I will tell you more in the next few days about my most favourite ones, so stay tuned because there were some amazing surprises!

All images © facing north with gracia


  1. Love this spot, I just hope they do the design market more often from now on! Let's see your favorites, we might have a similar taste in some of them?? Un abrazo.

    1. Gudy, that's the same hope I have ( and I promise I want buy it all next time!). About our favourites...well...surely there will be bits of you! ; )

  2. Curiosity satisfied. What great creative work!