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For PLACES, a special post today focused on Kinfolk Magazine studio + office space in Portland, Oregon. We all love Kinfolk beautifully detailed aesthetics, its simple take to life and its embrace to nature and the new space they moved in last December mirrors it perfectly. 

A clean, open office - formerly a production company - that looks more like a home than a working area: the Bliss-sofa and chair zone is the meeting room where the 10 people currently working in Portland discuss the future editions of Kinfolk.

The Kinfolk headquarters is thought to be a multi-purpose space designed to reflect the communal and essential style of the magazine. The furniture is clean and "utilitarian" and mix perfectly with the lots of greenery popping up everywhere inside.

I think the office on its own is enough to make you looking forward to going to work on Monday morning and I'm not even taking into account that you have to go to work on the next fab issue of Kinfolk Magazine!

| 1 | 2 | 6 | 7 | 8 | by Carissa Gallo via Blog West Elm.
| 3 | courtesy of Adriana Xochitl via Instagram.
| 4 | courtesy of Lia Din via Instagram.
| 5 | courtesy of Benjamin Holtrop via Instagram.

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