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If you have been following the blog, you will remember my earlier post about the first Barcelona Mercado Condal del Diseño, an event created to approach design to the wide public. The Design Market, the first of his genre, took place in the jungle-like location of the Palo Alto foundation in Poblenou, here in Barcelona (check the post here). And I promised you last Monday, here it is the selection of my favourite products.

I have to say I was very impressed by the selection and its international aesthetics: though all the designers here are Spanish and their products made in the country, you will agree with me their story - as a fusion of concept and form - goes beyond the national boundaries. So it is for Branches, a collection of salt&pepper shakers inspired by nature and available in several selected colours (above, hold by Raúl Durà).
Branches is a design by the Valencia-based studio La Mamba for their brand Omelette, whose Mirrors series has been showcased in magazines like RUM, Wallpaper and Case da Abitare or selected by the best design shops, like Lotta Agaton Shop in Stockholm
I loved the concept behind Branches, simple and functional, the materials and its natural and pastels tones. I am happy to say the wood&black version is now at home with us.

More Nordic inspiration was to be found in Enola cabinets, created by Javier and Laura, previously an engineer that decided to move to design as a way to express their passion for Scandinavian design and well done, affordable furniture (above, on the left).

Another beautiful encounter was the one I had with Ana Roquero, the designer behind Jomon. Ana felt the worldwide fame of Spanish chefs was not mirrored in the tableware design and decide to work with them to create Jomon. The shape is pure, essential and natural and you will agree with a Japanese atmosphere but, actually, the shape comes directly from the tradition of the Basque countries, where Ana Roquero comes from and home to some of the most outstanding chefs in the international scene (above, on the right).

Would you have been able to resist to this sensual piece? I was not so they came home with me.

But I think ceramics was the medium with the higher presence, from jewellery to natural and geometrical bowls and sculpture. Above, the irresistible necklaces by talented Julieta Alvarez, in the hands of Gudy from Eclectic Trends (later on around Gudy's neck!).  
Check her web to see more pieces, all available for sale.
Another outstanding piece was the sculpture by Paco Orti in the image below. The presentation of his work was outstanding and, in fact, won the prize from the jury.

Last but not least, Aparentment. As soon as I saw the brass mirror on the Carrara marble stand, I knew I had seen this before. In fact, Josep Vila Capdevila was one of the young designer that presented their work in the Greenhouse, during the last Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair (check more here). It was a real pleasure to meet Josep and listen his story and passion for essential design. The mirror was the piece that caught the most my attention but you can see more of Aparentment works here.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour! All images © facing north with gracia


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  2. Ha! So you caught me (and my boyfriend) chatting with Laura and Javi! :)

    1. Seriously? Oh this is fun! Was is funny to find suddenly yourself in a picture? It'd be for me! :)