PLACES | A-House

The A-House is a former industrial building dating from 1960, converted in 2010 into a multi-functional space by Copenhagen based studio Holgaard Architects. Part of the space was transformed into apartments with a stunning raw industrial atmosphere. The A-house has also been used as set location by Danish firm HAY for some of their products, like the Sara table and bench and the Loop Stand Hall and the Dee dining chair.



  1. me encanta la mezcla de ruinas
    con lo nuevo

  2. It's actually a hotel, called STAY, furnished completely with Hay furniture. :) I've been there, and it looks great, but I felt it was a bit too minimal for me to actually live in, because it looks exactly like in these photos, they haven't added any details at all.

    1. Hi Emma!

      Is it? I didn't find information but that they were apartments. And I agree: if it looks like that it's too minimal for me,too. I thought it was styled in that way just for the pictures!
      Cannot help of thinking of the journalist who interviewed Pella Hedeby about her "minimal approach" now... ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!