Miniatures of Some Beautiful Items

I'm so excited to introduce you Miniatures, a collection for children by Italian brand SO.BE.IT. (Some Beautiful Items). The company decided a few months it was time to extend their world and include this new episode of their amazing story. Miniatures concept is extremely poetic: the aim  is to create beautiful shells for tomorrow thoughts, our kids.
Behind Miniatures, we find two great parents: a highly skilled manufacture  - Dsqaured2, Diesel, Margiela and Louis Vuitton are some of their previous collaborations- and a very creative designer, Marino Orbolato ( Adriano Goldschmied, Evisu, Replay).  The result is a collection of gorgeous basics and iconic pieces following the best of Italian tailoring tradition and detailing. To me, these small clothes are like a place where Japan meets Italy, with a light Scandinavian touch.

Photo courtesy of Some Beautiful Items, with many thanks.

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  1. qué preciosidad! pq no tengo bambinos ... que si no ya compraba algo .. me encantaaa, feliz dia