Christmas at home

If you have been following fnwg for a while, you must remember the Xmas mood board I made a few week ago (if not, you can find it here). I always loved the Season but this year, after loads of Christmas decorations for the shop in Italy, my overdose had reached its climax. I still wanted to create a cosy, wintery atmosphere where white shades could mix with neutral tones and natural elements. But I really needed something minimal. 

This is a spot of our bedroom after the decoration session. It's simple but make me feel so bright and warm inside...

Many thanks to Deborah Beau of Kickcan and conkers for the lighting tip!


  1. Your Christmas decorations are subtile, but stunning! I adore the lights <3!!! It's just perfect! X Margreet

    1. Thanks so much Margreet, I'm very happy you like it. We'll be at home only a few days more and I wanted something I could keep up longer. :)

  2. Stunning! Where can i find this garland? I would like to know the brand

  3. Stunning! Where can i find this garland? I woul like to know the brand

  4. Hi! I love this look - where did you get the lights?