Confessions of a cocooner

Cocoon, a word with a long history that through ancient French travels back to Rome and, eventually, to Greece. In itself, it holds the possibility of life (the Greek origin of its etymology is seed), its delicacies (in Latin, it moved to mean berry) and also the secrecy of its process (the coque in French). It is our interior comfort place that allows us to stay inactive, before recollecting the threads of our ideas and opening up to share them.

I have realized I have been a cocooner for quite a long time, silently held to a nourishing inner world. But, recently, an urge has started to grow strong, equally moved by restored energies and the desire to bring together and share the many passions that move my personal and professional life.

The exchange that took place through the blog was fundamental, in particular my inclusion into the Urban Jungle group (so thanks Judith and Igor) and the relation I built with some dear fellow bloggers.

In the past, I felt my work at night (blogging) was almost separated from my daylight job (landscape and green). At the beginning, this was good because, in a way, the blog was also a sort of escape from the compromises of my profession (clients, companies, budgets). But, after some time, I felt there was some sort of lack though still quite undefined. I felt almost drained by this addictive google search-pin-post process that, from time to time,  started to seem sterile and almost insincere, two things I want my life and my relation with you all to be completely free of.

Therefore, I started a journey within myself, keeping silent from time to time, letting things flow on their own even if it was quite painful. (Am I the only one with control-addiction problems out there?)
I went back to the roots of my aspirations, looked them into their (figurative) eyes and listened silently.

Silence is luxurious, it really is.

New energies started to come out in the form of ideas. I collected them and tried to find a thread that made me happy, something that could bring all of them together. Unexpectedly, other things started to move and grow around me. The process is still going on and, hopefully, will never stop.

Where does this lead us? Firstly, you will see some evolution in the content of the blog that will include also inspirations and reflections about my relation with the green world. The format of these reflections could change from time to time, especially when related to trends. Also, new exciting projects will be announced in the next weeks (cannot wait!).

I am sure the new subject will enrich the content you have come to like on FNWG as the conceptual source will not change. I hope you will enjoy the journey and you will be willing to participate with all the amazing inputs you have given until now.

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  1. This is wonderful and so true - especially nowadays with the never ending summing and buzzing around us. Time to unwind and enjoy the silence (hello, that is my favorite Depeche Mode song by the way) is so precious!

    1. Thanks Igor! You know it took some time to eventually "deliver" this. ; ) But I am very happy now. : )

  2. You know I do agree with you and the silence is essential. I did it last winter for a couple of weeks and I came back rich in ideas and wishes. I think I need to do it again now and the summer holidays will be the perfect moment to do it ;-) I'm so looking forward to you new FNWG life. un abbraccio

    1. Dear Ilaria, thanks so much for all your chats and support! I hope we all will enjoy the new things. <3

  3. You're post is stimulating and really emotional, I love it! And I love your way to blogging...

    1. Thanks Serena! So happy to see all your positive feedbacks and such a great involvment! The poetry we all share is rooted so deeply we cannnot help but letting it out! :)

  4. Some notes reach us, as if we had them wrote ourselves. It is so sincere and personal.

    Am I the only one with control-addiction problems out there?

    No. I am, I was compulsive. I knew... the annoying Mania to forget the rest. I named these (large) sequences : warp zone. Then, I came back shouting: I'm back! Now, I accept and these sweet (small) transgressions are part of my life. Each experiences enrich us and build us more. Thanks for this remarkable sharing!

  5. It will be wonderful, that I know and I am so much looking forward to these changes and green come out! Bienvenido sea! Un abrazo, Elena.