SELECTED | Nominees from Nova Award 2014

The nominees for the Nova Award 2014 - Nordic Designer of the year was been released yesterday: the prize will be given to a young designer that works in the Nordic areas. Therefore, participants were selected for each country: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. 

The selection shows a young generation of talented designers that are able to draw inspiration from the outstanding Scandinavian heritage while looking at contemporary challenges and needs.

Among my favourites is Vera & Kyte design studio, founded by Vera K. Kleppe and Åshild Kyte in 2012 in Bergen, Norway. The collaboration and fusion of their approaches are the driving force of their work, strongly influenced by the Nordic landscape and the Scandinavian design tradition. The were selected by the Nova Award 2014 jury for their optimistic approach to design and ability to create attractive pieces that can fit nowadays homes. Here you see Whisky & Water, a duo of glasses defined by elegant yet unexpected lines that combine together to create a sculptural object. The colours reflect the tones of Scandinavian nature. 


Nordic landscape is the core inspiration also for Hanna Dalrot and her Textile landscapes series, her graduation project from Beckmans College of Design

I had the pleasure to meet Hanna while visiting the Stockholm Furniture Fair during our Bloggers Tour last February and like many others I was totally blown by her beautiful work. While checking her website, I discovered a real ability to work with different materials and functions and a strong consistency throughout her all production. I cannot help and agree with the jury that we are in front of a new design star.
Images via Vera & Kyte and Hanna Dalrot.

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