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In the last years, we have seen a new hotel typology rising based on the idea that hotels cannot just be simple sleeping spots but need to be a real experience for its guests: we want more from the place where we spend our holidays, we want to gather and enjoy. We want our hotel to be a creative hub, well designed and an ideal place to meet new, interesting people and locals.

Volkshotel in on Wibautstraat, Amsterdam is a perfect example of it. It is located in the building that used to be the home of one of the biggest, most progressive Dutch newspapers and later, transformed into one of the largest creative workspaces in Holland by the Foundation Urban Resort.
Today, it is a multi-purpose space that includes the hotel and café, bar, club, restaurant and creative workspaces where everybody, from single mum to dandy artists can gather together.  

Dutch interior designer Bas van Tol of Studio Müller Van Tol is behind most of the renovation work: he maintained the same character of the original building - a strong, industrial style that can connect to the Dutch Capital. Nine of the 172 rooms have been designed by different creative people, with the White Bike Room being my favourite for its graphic monochrome look (of course!). Also, Bas van Tol's interior design work represent a homage to the creative and editorial tradition of the building as reflected by the use of newspaper graphics and illustration into the detailing. 


Volkshotel opened its doors earlier in June with an amazing party: the place looks very exciting and I cannot wait for October to come. In fact, together with my friends from the Bloggerstour, I am going to stay here during our next trip to Amsterdam!If you are a last minute traveller like myself and you are thinking to head to Holland, Volkshotel is the perfect spot also because during the month of July, all double rooms are fixed at €69 per night.

Volkshotel, Wibautstraat 150  Amsterdam.

All images © Volkshotel.

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  1. It looks super cool, doesn't it? :D I love it as well and also will be staying there during meet the blogger in October!
    When are you arriving? I can't wait! Hugs x