Last week I spent a few days with the Design Bloggers United group in Amsterdam for the second of our Bloggers Tours this year. We had an amazing time while visiting places like Mooi, Marcel Wanders Studio or the Andaz Hotel
But today I want you to show some pictures Susanna Vento took of Studio Pistache. The space is next to a Wood stove Pizzeria in the heart of the city and is usually rented for special gatherings and events. 

The rough industrial appearance of the space is mitigated by the soft light entering through the glassed roof creating a modern glasshouse atmosphere. I especially appreciate the contrast effect created by the light: it grows from dark to bright as you enter creating the illusion that the space is even bigger.  Closer to the end of the building is an area populated by specimens of tropical plants, like Euphorbias or palms.

The space is next to a Wood stove Pizzeria in the heart of the city but the Studio is usually used for special gatherings and events, as in our case: it was here we hosted our Design Bloggers United Dinner, an event I will tell you more in the next few days.

In the meanwhile, you can check some shots taken during the Amsterdam Bloggers Tour on my Instagram account or checking the tags #bloggerstour and #designamsterdam.


  1. Now it's just a few days ago but it already feels like this was a month ago!! How crazy is that?? Sending you a big hug!

  2. Hi Elena, thank you for a great and inspiring evening in a beautiful venue :)
    Hope you had a great time in Amsterdam! x Wendy | beeldSTEIL

  3. What à beautiful pictures!
    Love this space!
    I hope you enjoyed your stay in Amsterdam and that you went back home with lots of inspiration. X