Amsterdam | Volkshotel

 Last July, I talked to you about Volkshotel and it is now time to give you some more insights!

We spent there some great days during while in Amsterdam with the fellow Design Bloggers United: the rooms were essential, with an interesting industrial touch; I loved the iconic newspaper glasswall, a homage to the creative and editorial tradition of the building.

But it was the hall I particularly enjoyed during our stay. Designed as an open, welcoming space divided according to different functions, it hosts the reception and several sitting areas where you can chill out while waiting for friends to get ready, work or simply hang out if you are a local.


The vintage masculine style was very appealing and not cold at all, thanks to the amazing green walls of plants that provided both live and privacy from the street. 

I loved the raw materials combined with warm tones like dark red, rusty brown and ochre that complemented the grey and metal structures. It is undoubtedly a great place both for tourists and locals ( the bar at night was literally full up with party lovers from the surroundings), but especially my fellow  Urban Jungle Bloggers would love it!

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