Styling the perfect gathering

As you may recall from my first post about our Amsterdam Bloggerstour, I fell totally in love with Pistache Studio and it was amazing to witness the transformation of the rough industrial space into a cozy and perfect spot for our Bloggers United Dinner'. For this occasion, the group decided to gather some talented and creative people from the media and blogging world to spend a few hours together: at the end, isn't the best part of blogging getting to know and meet like-minded people?

Pistache Studio during the transformation.

To make this gathering so special, it was also the fantastic combination of sponsors that fell in love with the idea and decided to help us to create a magical event.  
Thanks to Thuesen Jensen, Pillivuyt Scandinavian agent, we were able to enjoy the French beautiful tableware, whose white and blue tones added a spectacular Mediterrenean vibe to the dinner, underlined by the Nigella flowers and wild grasses decoration. A touch of contemporary was instead introduced by the stylish 'Concrete Seats' by Fatboy.
And of course, in an event styled by Scandinavian design lovers like us, we couldn't miss candles: small tea lights were lighted as soon as the guest arrived but the real start of the night was our KOTO candle, brought especially for the occasion by one of Skandinavisk founders.

Ice cold beer provided by Beer & Co

When all the guests were seating, the mouthwatering delicacies - that we had been visually enjoying during the whole afternoon -  started to be served: the wonderful ladies of 'Lady Grey Catering'  created some great dishes and fueled the lovely and relaxed conversations.

After the dinner, the party started! The amazing guys at BOS Ice Tea and V2C Gin treated us with great cocktails while dancing and chatting on the sound of cool Libratone speakers

We had such an amazing night with our guests and sponsors you will surely see more of these events during out tours. Thanks so much to all the people that helped us making that nght so amazing and a special thanks to Uber, who made the visit in Amsterdam so perfect!

Photography by Susanna Vento and Linda Elmin

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