Mini flat in Italy

"A flat with a view" is the perfect title for this small apartment in Camogli, close to Genoa in Italy. Designed by Gosplan office, it measures only 35 squared meters. In flats of this size, spaces need to be necessarily multi-functional as showed here with the main room being used for all the daily activities of the couple. The architects take advantage even of the window mill that is here used as a pensieve, the perfect place to enjoy the magnificent views towards the sea. The grey wooden wall defines the volume of the studio/guest room (a bed is hidden under the floor) and the master bedroom, surrounded by built-in wardrobe. I like the soft grey used to define the new elements. The Lampe de Marseille by Le Corbusier and produced by Nemo Cassina, fits perfectly the space.

Have you ever lived in 35 sq? We have and it was great: you really come to understand the profound meaning of Mies' quotation "Less in more". Our first flat as a married couple was a 36 sq loft, close to the Sagrada Familia, with views to Gaudì's masterpiece from the roof top. I kind of miss it sometimes! 

Via Living


  1. Los espacios pequeños son un reto muy gratificante.

    1. Si, la verdad! Es todo ingenio, creatividad y un buen carpentero. :)